Over the last few years, the way consumers pay for goods and services has changed dramatically. Less of us are now using cash as a way to pay, with methods such as contactless become increasingly popular with the general public. During this time we have seen smartphone technology advance, with both Apple Pay and Google Pay, formerly known as Android Pay, becoming popular payment methods too.

Many reading this will know what Google Pay is, but for those who don’t, it’s a mobile payment app which basically stores your debit, credit, store and loyalty cards. It’s basically the one stop solution to payments, reducing the need for anyone to carry around a stack of cards in their wallet or purse.

The Google Pay system is perfect for those who enjoy shopping or gaming online for example. It works in conjunction with Google’s browser, Chrome, and with Google Assistant too. As all your cards will be stored, payment will always be quick and easy. There will no longer be a need to type in card details every time you wish to pay for something, making the whole process a lot more convenient. There is no doubt that more and more sites from Amazon to online casino brands like Unibet will have to seriously consider the option for their members.

Google Pay is set to dominate because it works in any area where payments are required. People can go into a shop and get out their Android based handset, paying contactless with Google Pay. There’s not even a need to open an app or unlock the phone, it just simply needs to be on. If you are due any loyalty points they will be added automatically and users of Google Pay will even receive special offers sent directly to their handset when close to the checkouts.

Google Pay also works in apps too. There seems to be an app for everything these days and more of us are using them on a regular basis in their daily life. If the app is one that supports Google Pay, it is simply a case of going about your normal paces and when it comes to making a payment, you select the Google Pay option. Again, it’s a more convenient way to pay, rather than having to find your credit card and tap in the details.

One of the main questions that consumers will ask is whether Google Pay is a secure payment method. When a person opts to pay with Google Pay in store, the true card details are never revealed or shared. Instead, the number the merchant receives is encrypted and this is done through what is known as tokenisation. There is also the option to use a PIN code, password or a pattern to authenticate a payment too.

We now live in an era where convenience is king. We aren’t paying with cash anymore, and most are fed up with having to keep typing in card details when making payments online. It will be no surprise that payment options like this will become the norm and will be adopted by across the board from our local news agents to the likes of Tescos and eBay. Google Pay is the solution, and it’s also the future. The fact that it’s a secure payment method too will only help it to dominate for years to come.

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