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Will tech unicorns save our planet?

In popular fiction, unicorns are a symbol of peace, harmony, and wisdom. These virtues are the hallmarks of a sustainable planet and in the first of a series of discussions on the broader role of tech start-ups in society, we will explore whether these virtues symbolise the unicorns we see in real life.

On one hand

We see unicorns giving away their patentscreating communities of micro-enterprises at scale; and taking a firm stance not to let money corrupt their mission. Are these unicorns our planet's last hope? If so, should we do more to inspire a new generation of socially responsible unicorns?

On the other hand

We see unicorns creating social unrestignoring the rights of their employees; and aggressively building the same network of unsustainable suppliers as their competitors. In their relentless drive to become the industry leaders of tomorrow, are unicorns creating a world in which technology is threatening the future of our planet?

In this session, we will explore how tech firms create and destroy value; how we can distinguish between good and bad disruption; and the ways in which a new breed of start-ups value themselves by their broader contribution to society.





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